Portable UV Germicidal Wand Sterilization Lamp, UV Portable Disinfectant Light

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Pay Attention! Your Health can easily be compromised from invisible germs! 🦠 

We have good news that will keep you very hopeful!...

Thanks to advancement in LED chip Technology, the germicidal properties of UV Light are finally now available in the form of a UV Disinfecting Sterilizing Handheld Wand.

The UV Disinfecting Wand powerfully disinfects your rooms eliminating 99.9% of the pathogens, molds, spores and dust mites, at the flick of a switch.

Just place the UV Wand around areas that need sterilizing, and simply let it operate to quickly and effectively destroy the pathogens.  Cleaning has never been easier.

This Portable UV Germicidal Wand/ Sterilization Lamp has been proven to Sanitize and Disinfect up to 99.9% of Germs, Viruses and Bacteria on all surfaces.  Just shine this light for 10-60 seconds over each desired area for the ultimate sanitation.

How does it work?

When viruses and bacteria come into contact with ultraviolet light, it damages their DNA structure (nucleic acid).  Then, the harmful microorganisms lose their ability to reproduce, which ends their ability to cause and produce infectious disease. 

Hospitals depend heavily on UV lights to protect people and the patients.  UV Sanitation Lights are used for many different ways to help people stay safe.  You can be assured that this product is going to give your mind a rest and do its job!

 This Portable UV Disinfection Lamp is smaller than a phone when folded, meaning that you can comfortably bring this UV Sanitizing Wand with you on the go.  It also Fits right in your purse or pocket. 

This UV Lamp keeps rooms clean, closets and other household articles.  Use this ready to use Wand to disinfect bacteria and other germs causing illness immediately.  

This Portable Ultraviolet Disinfection Sterilization Lamp comes with a lightweight flip design which saves space and can be used at anytime or anywhere. Simply turn on the switch button to turn on the UV Light Wand.  With the built-in automatic safety switch, when the lamp tube of the sterilization rod faces upwards in the working state, the ultraviolet lamp will automatically turn off.  

Benefits and Features:

  • Immediately Disinfect and Sterilize your Surroundings in all Different areas and settings of your life!!!
  • Amazing to use on Cellphones, Shopping Carts, Food after Purchase, Computers, Airplanes, Traveling,  Remote Controls, Animal Toys, Light Switches, Car Doors, Office Front Desk Areas, Gym Equipment
  • Denaturing Nucleic Acids and Disrupting their DNA
  • Effective, Versatile and Very Compact
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Simple UV Light Formula
  • Perfect for any Surface Area
  • Lightweight and Easy to take with you anywhere you want in the world


Medical Grade UV Lamps

UV Lamps have been used in hospitals for a long time, but is very expensive and takes up a lot of space.  Now you can finally bring the same medical grade germ killing disinfecting and sanitizing technology safely and effectively into your home as well!

Did you know?.......

How To Charge and Use:

This device can be used two ways:

1) Used with 4 Triple A Batteries (making it usable on the go and traveling).

2) Used when connected via USB (a USB cord is provided with your purchase). You can connect the USB to a computer, a USB adapter outlet plug, or simply any device with a USB port.

3) When Ready for use, hold the button for three seconds to turn it on

***Note: Please do NOT point the UV Lamp on the skin and eyes of humans/pets. 



Type: Folding Ultraviolet Sterilization Lamp

Material: Plastic/Electrical 

Length: 12.5*3.5*2.5cm

Weight: 100G

Voltage: USB5V

Current: 450ma

UV tube: 2W

Ultraviolet Wavelength: 253.7 nm

Radiation intensity: > 2500 uw


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