Laser printer DIY design

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Made of Aluminum material and Acrylic.
The software is easy to use, free upgrades for life.
Two-motor design more compact and more precise.
Engraving object height was unlimited can be directly placed on top to work.
Low light positioning, engraving preview, gray sculpture, contour carving, entity carving
Can be carving materials: Wood, plastics, paper, bamboo, horns, and some cortex (purse), cell phone plastic shell, rubber stamp, sponges, paper
Non-carving materials:Metal (regardless of thickness), stone, ceramics, jewelery, reflective material, a colorless transparent material, soft material

Engraving Material Note:
1.can engraving materials: wood, foam, bamboo, plastic, paper, thin leather, bank card,rubber.
2.can not engraving material:metal,stone,ceramic,shell,light-reflecting material, transparent material.

Item Size: 17x20cm
Package Size: 34x20x25cm
Color: silver
Laser Power: 500mw /1600mw
Maximum engraving area: 17*20cm (maximum stroke)
Drive control panel: Advanced CNC2 axis control board (this shop sells 3-axis CNC control board)
Stepper motor: new high quality stepper motor
Control software: benbow software supports power adjustable, low light positioning
Power supply: 12V; laser head supply voltage is also 12V
Body material: high-grade aluminum profile +8MM thick acrylic

Package included:
1 x Engraving Machine

Note (Please pay attention):
1. Please wear laser goggles during usage and avoid touching the laser directly with your eyes and skin!
2. The聽red cord is DC12v(+),black cord is GND(-), yellow cord is signal(S). Please make sure you know the wire position and connect to the ManaSE board correctly!
3. The warranty period of laser module is one month. If you have any quality problem(Except individual situation like using the laser module more than 30 minutes per time and casue the damage ), please feel free to ask our customer service for a help.
4. If your laser module has any problem, please聽DO NOT聽dismantle it without our permission. It will destroy the laser module.

5.聽If you have any quality problem about the machine, please feel free to contact us. Many operative problem can be solved according to your video and聽problem description. Thank you in advance.

1. What software can support this machine? And what image format? Engrave Mode?
聽聽聽 Supported Software:聽EleksCam,T2-Laser,聽 GrblController, LiteFire, Laser GRBL, etc.
聽聽聽 Supported Image Format: jpg, bmp, svg, G-code
聽聽聽 Supported Engrave Mode: Photo, Word, Scan, Outline, Pixel Laser Engraving

2. What system can the EleksCAM support?
聽聽聽 PC Windows XP/7/8/10 , Laptop is ok,too.

3. My laser doesn't work, what should I do?
聽聽聽 If the machine does not work, it might because:
鈶 The wire connection is wrong.Please check the connection like the picture shown.
鈶 Your computer could not support the software.Please use Win XP 7/8/10 to check it.
鈶 Software problem.Please check whether wires are inserted rightly. And then聽check your data setting.
鈶 The kit misses some accessories.Please compare with the instruction and tell us, we will solve it once you send us the email.聽
鈶 Laser module/ driver board/power supply is broken.Please check which part is the main problem,and then send us a video to prove it.
聽聽聽 Or you can send us a video about your software setting,working laser and driver board. We will analyze it and give you a solution.

4: My software shows: Not data, what should I do?
聽聽聽 There might be two reasons.
聽聽聽聽 鈶 You did not open聽 Administrator privileges to run the software. Please try this.
聽聽聽聽 鈶 Your computer architecture is incomplete:check whether VC ++ and. Net and directX are installed, and have to turn off the virus.

5. Can I regulate the laser power or the laser power is adjustable?
聽聽聽聽 Our new Mana SE controller board can adjust the power. Please download our ElekesCAM software to do it.

6. Can I upgrade stronger power laser module by myself? Can I extent rail frame?
聽聽 Yes,you can.DC12V laser module can be installled on this machine. The red is positive.You can also extent the frame by yourself,
聽聽 but we do not provide rails. Please note that.

7. When I click arrows to control the motors, it works. But when I begin to make it work with EleksCAM software,
聽聽聽 it does not move. What should I do?

聽聽聽 The EleksCAM could move by hand but could not move when focus.The probelm is the area and language inside the system control panel.
聽聽聽 Please set the format to English and United States.Then it will be ok. Detail is shown in the wiki link above.

8. My laser module is always on and could not turn off.What should I do?
聽聽聽 Please try to connect the Signal(S) and GND(-).
聽聽聽 If the laser module turn off, that means the laser module is ok, the problem might be the ManaSE board or software setting.聽
聽聽聽 If the laser module is still on, that means the laser module might be damaged.
9. If my laser is broken and I might find the reason(Or I could not find) . What should I do?
聽 聽 聽 Find the reason: Take a video to prove the part is broken and then send it to us. we will give you a solution according to your video.
聽 聽 聽
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